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White Fold Bubble Washed Cotton Bedding Set Soft Twin/Queen Size Adult Kid Bed Sheet Pillowcase Duvet Cover Set 4pcs for Home

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Special Treatment For Colour of Blue Haze!
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Product Size and Amount

Material: 40S Washed Cotton
Crafts:Exquisitely handmade folds&Custom-dyed cotton ribbon
Sheet style: Flat/Fitted bed sheet
Duvet cover set: Duvet cover +sheet+ pillowcases

Flat Sheet Style
Twin Size 3pcs
1 piece Duvet Cover: 150*200cm(59.1*78.7inches)
1 piece Bedsheet:180*230cm(70.9*90.1inches)
1 piece Pillowcases:48*74cm(19*29.1inches)

Queen Size 4pcs
1 piece Duvet Cover: 200*230cm(78.7*90.1inches)
1 piece Bedsheet:240*250cm(94.5*98.4inches)
2 pieces Pillowcases:48*74cm(19*29.1inches)

King Size 4pcs
1 piece Duvet Cover: 220*240cm(86.6*94.5inches)
1 piece Bedsheet:240*270cm(94.5*106.3inches)
2 pieces Pillowcases:48*74cm(19*29.1inches)

Fitted Sheet Style
Queen Size 4Pcs
1piece Duvet Cover:200*230cm(78.7*90.6inches)
1 piece
Fitted Sheet:150*200+25cm(59*79+9.8inches)
2 pieces Pillowcases: 48*74cm(18.9*29.1inches)

King Size 4Pcs
1 piece Duvet Cover: 220*240cm(86.6*94.5inches)
1 piece Fitted Sheet:180*200+25cm(71*79+9.8inches)
2 pieces Pillowcases: 48*74cm(18.9*29.1inches)

Which Size should we Choose?


1. Measurement error for about 1-4 cm (0.39-1.57inch) is allowable.

2. This bedding set does not include any comforter or filling.Because the duvet cover is white, it is recommended that you fill it with light colored quilts without patterns.

3. If you need the fitted sheet , please contact us.

4. Due to long distance shipping, it's normal that the bedding set is a little wrinkled, please wash and iron it(moderate temperature, not too high), it will be flat and beautiful as the picture.

5.Pure cotton fabrics also have a certain shrinkage rate. The national standard shrinkage rate is within the normal range of 4%-10%. Buyers who mind, please buy with caution.

6.Due to the deviation of light, angle, display color, and personal perception of color, there may be chromatic aberration in the actual product received. Please refer to the actual product.

7.Wash Instructions:
(1)Do not mix dark fabrics with light-colored fabrics to avoid dyeing problems.
(2)Wash with water under 30 centigrade, add water to dissolve the laundry detergent and then pour it on the bedding set.

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We use 40S cotton fabrics. Compared with polyester fabrics, pure cotton fabrics have good air permeability, strong moisture absorption, soft and wear-resistant feel, and not easy to generate static electricity and cause skin allergies.