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Six-Piece Embroidery Cute Cartoon Cookie Bear Bed Set

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Welcome to the cozy corner of your dreams with our Six-Piece Embroidery Cute Cartoon Cookie Bear Bed Set. This isn't just a bed set, it's a sweet spot in your home that invites smiles, snuggles, and sound sleep.

Made from 100% pure cotton, the bed set feels super soft to the touch and wonderfully breathable. The twill weave adds durability, ensuring it withstands bedtime stories, pillow fights, and countless snoozes without losing its charm.

The bed set flaunts a simple style adorned with a delightful cookie bear design. It's an endearing mix of comfort and cuteness that brightens up any room instantly. With a warm brown color, it feels like a comforting bear hug waiting for you every night.

This set offers a complete experience - a comfy bed sheet, a snug duvet cover, two plump pillowcases, and two cushion covers. They all feature the irresistible cookie bear design that'll make you go "Awww!" every time.

Despite its plush looks, this set demands low maintenance. Cotton is machine-friendly and the intricate embroidery withstands regular washes. It's easy on your schedule and hard on dirt.

If you've got a Twin, Full/Double, Queen, or King-sized bed, there's a cookie bear set just for you. Let your bed be the comforting, joy-sparking space you deserve.

Ready to cuddle with comfort? Click add to cart, and let the Six-Piece Embroidery Cute Cartoon Cookie Bear Bed Set turn your bedroom into the snuggliest corner of your home. Sweet dreams are guaranteed!

  • Style: Simple
  • Pattern: Cartoon
  • Color: Brown
  • Bed Size: Twin (Duvet Cover 1.5*2.0 Meters), Full/Double (Duvet Cover 2.0*2.3 Meters), Queen (Duvet Cover 2.0*2.4 Meters), King (Duvet Cover 2.2*2.4 Meter)
  • Material Composition: 100% Cotton
  • Number Of Pieces: 6 Pieces (Bed Sheet + Duvet Cover + Pillowcase*2 + Cushion Cover*2)
  • Bedding Craft: Embroidery
  • Weaving Process: Twill
  • Applicable Age: Adults
  • Care Instructions: Machine Washable, Use Non-Chlorine Bleach, Iron If Desired.