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Qfdian dorm decoration ideas New Sofa Decor Elastic Sofa Cover For Living Room Stretch Non-slip Couch Cover Santa Claus Sofa Slipcover Chair Protector

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1. Pillowcase size: 45 x 45cm
2. Sofa cover size:
a.90-140cm / 35-55 inches (1-person seat cover is suitable for most armchairs)
b.145-185 cm / 57-72 inches (2-seater 2-seater sofa cover is suitable for up to two people)
c.190-230 cm / 75-90 inches (3-seater sofa cover is suitable for most sofas)
d.235-300 cm / 92 to 118 inches (4-seater sofa cover is suitable for most sofas)

3.Material: peach skin

4. This product is only a sofa cover and does not include a pillow cover. (Pillow cases need to be purchased separately)

5. This sofa cover is suitable for sofas with a gap between the seat with backrest and the armrest.

6. Measuring the length of the sofa must be the same as the red line below, including the height and width of the armchairs on both sides of the sofa!

7. Material and design: polyester and spandex fabrics. The rounded corners do not cover the corners and are not easy to wrinkle; the elastic band and the bottom of the belt are closed and double-reinforced, so they are not easy to move.

8. The most suitable furniture: suitable for most types of sofas, such as fabric sofas with gaps or leather sofas.
Please measure before buying.

9. Placement: If your sofa is L-shaped or the corner is composed of 2 parts, you need to order 2 sets. The sofa cover is suitable for sofas with a large gap between the seat with backrest and the armrest. The small cloth strip you use to secure it, push it down as far as possible to secure it in place.

10. Protection: This basic sofa cover can protect and protect your furniture from spills, stains, abrasion and damage to prevent damage. It is perfect for houses with pets, or people who are looking for affordable furniture protection solutions, it can make your living room cleaner and impress guests with less money.

11. Easy to maintain: easy to install and pick and place; machine wash with cold water, do not bleach, dry, low temperature, do not iron, the installation steps are as shown in the figure. Please note: the labelled side is the back side. There is some foam perfume in it, or you can prepare a towel or other things that help insert the quilt cover into the sofa to ensure that our quilt cover is more suitable for your sofa. Please check if there is a gap between the back of the chair and the arm (a gap))) Peel off the skin so that it can fix the corners and put the lid on. Our covers can also better fit spherical sofas.